Monday, November 10, 2008

Tucker's not feeling well today

Poor Tucker. He can't catch a break lately. A week after we got Sadie, he got bronchitis. It seems the bronchitis is back. He's eating less, lethargic, and generally reclusive. I shot this photo of him tonight. Doesn't he look so sad? We're off to the vet shortly. I'll let you know what happens after we're back.

UPDATE: We're back from the vet's. Yes, he has bronchitis again, along with a fever. He's on antibiotics (yum, cherry flavor). In a couple of days, I can also start giving him a bronchodiolater (a pill), to open up his airways. I found an interesting article on the subject of feline asthma. When he has his annual check up in December, I'll ask about putting him on a low dose of prednisolone to keep flare ups to a minimum.

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