Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sadie loves her play cube

Before we adopted Sadie, my friend Megan had given us a set of pop-up play cubes for cats. They are made of rip-stop nylon with a plastic frame, and have holes in three sides for playtime. Benny loved these cubes and played in them every day.

Sadie had loose stools and intestinal problems the first couple of months we had her. One night, she got confused and urinated in one of the cubes! The other cube somehow got damaged and would not pop up anymore.

Megan to the rescue! She sent us a new set of cubes, which I admittedly did not want to put out at first, for fear of Sadie soiling them again. I didn't have to worry. Sadie has overtaken the cube and loves it. She'll play in it, rolling around the dining room, lounge in it, and jump through the holes.

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