Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Raising money for shelter kitties

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is fundraising for their local Dog-a-Thon. If you haven't been to this site, check it out (it's also linked in our "Blogs we like" section on the right side of this blog). They are a foster family for kittens and do good work for shelter animals. (Note: the IBKC has given permission for us to use the above image, which I think is just adorable!)

Benny is a shelter alumni, while Tucker and Sadie were both strays, so rescuing animals is important to us. Take a moment and donate even a few dollars! Thank you!

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Lionel Messi said...

Thank you
The subject of more than wonderful

We got a nip rainbow!

This is Benny. Mom found us a Yeow!! catnip rainbow. It's really fun to play with. It's almost as fun as our nip banana...