Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't tell our people we posted this

We, Tucker, Benny, and Sadie, are asking you for Christmas gift ideas. We know if we don't, our people won't have any good ideas for themselves, and we'll be stuck playing with the boxes again.

Things we HAVE and like:
tall cat tree
play cubes/pyramid
crinkle tunnel
rollerball/tracker toy
Lots of on-a-stick/feather toys

Things our people WON'T allow us to have:
brightly colored treats (especially if we pukey them)
fur-covered mice (I, Tucker, eat them whole, which my people think is bad)
ribbon, string, or anything elastic (I, Benny, like to chew on these)

Won't you please post your suggestions here? We will leave subtle hints for our people around the house. We think we deserve a nice Christmas, don't you?


Angel and Kirby said...

Knitted mice, jingle balls, We like both of these. Temptations.

Megan said...

A Kitty Kabana!!!!!

(I have one and my cats LOve it!)

Amy said...

I've contemplated the prize box the last few years - but don't know if Cassie and Aerin would go for it or not.

Cassie and Aerin said...

For treats, we *insist* that mom keep a bag of CET Dental Treats in stock. Only the fish flavor will do.

We're also fond of the treat ball and treat chew stick that dispense dry food - but mom doesn't let us see those very often.

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