Thursday, July 5, 2012

Take Tucker's birthday quiz!

In celebration of Tucker's birthday week, I've put together a little quiz. (Hint: some of the answers can be found poking around this blog!) Post a comment with your answers. I'll post the answers in a few days. Have fun!

1. How did Tucker get his name?
a. Rene’s mom suggested it.
b. It was a name Rene always liked.
c. He tucked his head into Rene’s arm the first time she held him.
d. She knew another cat named Tucker who was a neat cat.

2. How old was Tucker when Rene adopted him?
a. Two months old
b. Three months old
c. Four months old
d. We’re not exactly sure.

3. What is Tucker’s favorite treat?
a. Cantaloupe
b. Turkey
c. Tuna
d. All of the above

4. True or false: Tucker once escaped into the garage and caught a chipmunk.

5. Tucker's favorite place to puke is:
a.  On the kitchen floor
b.  Somewhere on the carpet where we'll step on it
c.  In random places
d.  Near Rene's head while she's sleeping

6.  True or false: One of Tucker's favorite people (outside of Jim and Rene) is Rene's sister Jill.

7. Where is Tucker's favorite place to sleep?
a. On the people's bed
b. Near his people
c. On the kitchen floor
d. In a box

8. How many times has Tucker needed his teeth cleaned (by a vet)?
a. Never
b. One time
c. Two times
d. Three times


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I can start with the first 4, but may need to research the rest. 1c, 2d, 3d, 4 true

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom is guessing for us! So if they are wrong, it is her fault!
1c, 2d, 3d, 4t, 5c, 6f, 7d, 8b

~*Connie*~ said...




False - at least you never blogged chipmunk before.

I thought it was the couch, so I'll go with in random places..


I'm going with never, because I can't find mention of that either. Some kitties just have good teeth and when they get brushed they stay good.. :)


Nerissa said...

A test? Arrrgggghhhh! I'm not any good with tests. But I can tell you what I AM good at... wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! purrs

Anonymous said...

OK, please revoke my 9 AM answers in favor of the following:
5c (as all the answers sound plausible)
6F (think it's a niece or nephew?)
8d (thinking he's as bad as my Aerin)

The Island Cats said...

We're gonna guess because we're not sure of any of the answers:

1. b
2. d
3. d
4. True
5. b
6. False
7. a
8. Never

Cat said...

Wow those are some tough questions!


some we had to guess at :-)

Edy Mormus said...

1. c,
2. 1,
3. 1,
4. wrong
5. d,
6. right
8. c,

Good questions!
Happy Birthday for Tucker!


Roberta said...

What a fun quiz. Hmmm, I'll have to guess on some of them. 1. (c)
2. (c), 3. (a), 4. F, 5. (d), 6. F, 7. b, and 8. (a)

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Hmmm...I'm going with:
1. C
2. D
3. C
4. False
5. B
6. True
7. A
8. A
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