Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday gardening post

My bee balm is almost done blooming. It's right near a pretty kitty windchime too.

I have some tomatoes finally growing on the vine.

My gladioas have buds and will be blooming soon. I planted purple ones this year.

We have this giant hosta in front of the house. It is several feet wide and probably three feet tall.

The stalks that bloom grow fantastically tall, probably 5-6 feet or more. The stalks are starting to pop up and grow. I hope my hand gives a sense of the scale of the leaves.

Thanks for visiting our garden. More to come soon!


Old Kitty said...

Hostas about to bloom!! Fantastic!! Take care

Anonymous said...

My tomatoes are in a similar state.

Afraid I can barely see my dwarf purple bee balm anymore - as it is somehow growing under my pink roses.

The Island Cats said...

Hey, the mom has that same wind chime! :)

Roberta said...

What a lovely, lovely garden, Rene. Makes me want to be an outside kitty.

Cerena said...

Beautiful job!

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