Friday, September 11, 2015 review: Catswell Nutrisca canned food

It's that time of month again--time to review a product for Chewy!

We chose a canned food we hadn't heard of before, Catswell Nutrisca grain free food.

We were sent the salmon version. The cans are packaged "upside down," meaning the lid to open is on the bottom instead of the top.

The can is marked "pet food only," which made me smile.

The good: grain free, no corn/wheat/soy ingredients, ingredient list is rather short (mostly added nutrients)

The not-so-good: the food is made in Thailand, some pet people don't like to feed their cat fish (though there are non-fish versions of this food available)

I can see why the "pet food" on the label. It looks almost like sandwich spread! Despite it being fish, the food has almost no smell.

Now for the verdict. All three cats ate this food, including our resident picky Benny!

We believe in rotating our cats' diets, so they can't fixate on one particular food. While we don't feed fish every day, it's good to have another brand of food to add to our rotation. The cats give this food a thumbs up!


Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Looks jummy *licking my nose*

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Catswell made the treats that were made in China that I fed Jack.

Greg_1948 said...

I rotate my cat foods as well. Every cat I ever had died of some kind of cancer. I suspect it might be something in their diet, but I do not know what. Changing foods at least reduces the amount they eat of carcinogens in any one brand, if my paranoia is correct. I have my suspicions about what is in "foreign" cat foods! Enuff said. Have a good Caturday tomorrow!

Summer at said...

Yum, looks good!

The Island Cats said...

Mmmmm....we're hungry now!

A number of pet foods are made in Thailand. Weruva, one of our favorites, is made there. From what we hear, the pet food plants in Thailand are top notch.

Roberta said...

Great review. So many grain-free food are made in Thailand. I know Tiki is fit for human consumption so if I ever run out of human food, I can always eat cat food.

Howard M. Wright said...
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Howard M. Wright said...

This is good, but it all depends on food. Whenever you Buy best cat food you need to make sure that they are only healthy for them.

Jennifer Mendez said...

This is the only canned food my Sphynx will eat now. He is rather picky which is a pain since we can only find the food at Kroger stores. They don't sell it anywhere else but it's rather inexpensive. It's cheaper then cheap food with grain in it so I love that. The regular price is $1.29 but it's almost always on sale for at least $.99 per can and they just had it on sale for $.49 per can which is a amazing deal. Cheap cat food is more. He loves the plain salmon, tuna and salmon and the tuna and crab. The crab is definitely smelly so it hooked him right away. Our outside cat that we rescued loves it too. She may actually like it more then bird now so it must be pretty tasty. They seem to be doing really good on it too. I've tried more expensive brands and our Sphynx won't touch them so to be able to find one that is grain free that he loves and also won't break the bank is awesome. Our Yoda gives it 2 paws up and he is very wise.

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