Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chewy.com review: Wellness Trufood canned food

This month's review item is Wellness Trufood canned food.

The good: No wheat, corn, soy, grains, fillers, or byproducts. I could see the chicken/turkey in the food. 

The not-so-good: This food has "layers," with a layer of pumpkin on top. The meat is shredded in a sauce, not a pate.

This food is called "tasty pairings," and it has a layer of pumpkin on top and the meat on the bottom.
If your cat doesn't like pumpkin, they probably won't eat this food. Benny did not like the food because of the pumpkin, even when stirred or mixed up.

Both Sadie and Ringo ate it the first time I served it. The second time I served it, Ringo would not eat it, but Sadie did.

I have mixed feelings this food because of the layers. I'm not sure why Wellness felt adding a topping of pumpkin was necessary. In fact, Ringo and Sadie were more enticed to eat it when I put the pumpkin at the bottom. I wish the food did not have the pumpkin and only the meat. That being said, I don't have any problems with the quality of the food, and two of our cats ate it readily. 


Laila and Minchie said...

Not sure if we would like the pumpkin either, but we are always willing to try something new.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Sarah, Mary and Winifred LOVED it, my new momma cat, not so much

Marg said...

Great review. I don't know if this gang would eat it or not. It does sound kind of weird to have it in layers.

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

My human adds pumpkin to Binga and Boodie's food (they are older and need the added fiber) and they both seem to like it - but then, it is mixed in, not set on top.

Greg_1948 said...

Never tried anything with pumpkin in it. It does not sound like something a cat would have in his or her diet.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I broke ours up and stirred it together and they liked it.

Aw, is it Monday again?

Sadie: I'm staying here and covering my eyes until it's over!