Monday, November 17, 2008

Stamping goodies

Look at all these stamps. How much do you think I paid? [pause while you ponder your answer] How about $20? Yes, it's true. I discovered this find on my favorite stamping web site, Splitcoaststampers. Costco is selling these packs of stamps for $20. It includes 128 stamps (wow), an acrylic block, and a mini stamp pad. This set is called "Seasons," and includes sayings, Christmas, fall, spring/Easter stamps, and a set of alphabets. A big thanks to my editor, Marc  Horovitz, for picking these up for me, since we don't have Costco in Wisconsin.


Amy said...

Do you have Costco in your neck of the woods - or was a Middleton field trip required? :-)

Rene said...

I had to ask my editor, who lives in Denver, to pick one up for me. I knew he had a Costco membership and went there on a semi-regular basis. :-)

Amy said...

Ahh, I see.

For future reference, you can apparently have a Costco member buy a 'Costco cash card' for you to use in store without being a member. If I got to Middleton more often, I'd actually think about it.

Anonymous said...

There's a Costco up in Grafton--not that that's really close. :)


Rene said...

Really? I didn't know there were any in Wisconsin! I had checked their web site and nothing showed up. Geez, they need to update that.

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