Please visit the following sites for important information regarding us kitties:

For all things cats
The Cat Blogosphere

Health and behavior
We wrote a post about using Adequan on Benny for his joints.
Dr. Arnold Plotnik--Cat Man Do's blog. Very informative information on a number of feline topics. Highly recommend.
Natural Cat Care Blog
Safe Over the Counter Meds for Cats (and meds to avoid)
Please be careful about using the injection Convenia--good information here.
What I know about at-home euthanasia--written by us

CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)
Jewel's journey through CRF--written a fellow cat blogger
What to feed a cat with kidney disease
Find a lost cat
Tips for finding a lost cat--written by us and posted on Tails From the Foster Kittens' blog

Food and supplies
Only Natural Pet Store
Holistic Pet Info
Janet and Binky's Cat Food Nutrition page
How to report a problem with a pet food (FDA website)
Best Litter Lifter Ever!!

Feline nutrition
An amazing post about cat nutrition from Tails from the foster kitten' mom Connie
The basics of feline nutrition
The truth about dry cat food
Information about commercial raw food--good information

Fun stuff
I Can Has Cheezburger
Love Meow--get ready to squee!
Cat of the Day

Help other kitties! 
Crochet orphaned kitten sweaters! Tutorial is here.

A Sadie while I work from home

 I could hardly believe my eyes a couple of weeks ago. Sadie came and sat on the futon behind me as I worked from home one day. She'd ne...