Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sadie wants some potato soup

Since she's getting older, Sadie is seeking out warm spots more often. She discovered the warm pot of potato soup on the stove recently. 

Soup, please?*

* Sadly, she didn't get any, since the soup contained onions.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 review: Tiny Tiger treats

Our first Chewy review this month is Tiny Tiger crunchy cat treats, in poultry flavor.

These treats seem similar to Party Mix, in that they come in nearly the same size container with the same lid, and they have a variety of shapes/flavors in the same container. These are shaped like stars and moons.

The ingredient list on these is mediocre, and these contain things some pet owners may not want to feed their kitties (chicken meal, for instance). I was a bit dismayed at the amount of coloring these had, even compared to Party Mix. However, they are TREATS and aren't meant to be a regular food item. They do have just 1 calorie each, even less if you break them into pieces.

I put treats inside of a recycled plastic bottle and use it as a puzzle toy. I cut some small holes in random places on the bottle, and the cats push it around the room to get out the pieces. Lucy and Ringo both enjoy doing this, and they will spend a fair amount of time getting the treats out. I'll usually set this out before I leave for work.

Ringo COULD NOT WAIT for me to hand out some treats. In fact, he stuck his head right in the container after I'd opened it.

All four cats loved these treats. Ringo decided he'd take a extra treat before I put them away.

A bonus photo: Benny was excited with the Chewy box and wanted me to remove the contents so he could get inside the box.

We realize these treats may not be for every kitty, but they are a good value and the cats liked them. You could also buy a couple for your local shelter, so they could use them as enticements and enrichments for the cats there.

Disclaimer: We were given a container of treats in exchange for our honest review. The opinions here are our own.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Trying to read

When Benny had his URI in October, he wanted to be close and warm as much as possible. He cuddles with me more than ever now (not complaining) and has developed a habit of sitting on my chest while I read. His head is right near my face. Of course, he purrs most of the time. While it's harder to read, I don't have the heart to move him, so he stays.

It is moments like these that I will sure miss someday, when he is no longer on this earth. So, I enjoy them while I can, giving him plenty of pets and kisses each time.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Can I have some sugar cookie, Mom?

Benny surprised me by jumping up on the table and asking for a bit of my homemade sugar cookie. Of course he got a few very tiny bits for his efforts.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Random photos and outtakes

Here are some photos that don't fit anywhere but we wanted to share anyway. 

Lucy says hello. I was trying to photograph some dust that was on her whiskers and failed.

Lucy and Benny on my lap. Note that Lucy is partially sitting on Benny.

Sadie chomping on a treat stick. A friend had given us some of these sticks, and Sadie sure loved them.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It's Lucy's second Gotcha Day!

Two years ago today, we trapped Lucy and had her spayed, thinking she was feral. However, the night of her spay, when she was recovering in the carrier, I decided to open the door and let her out in our enclosed porch. I sat quietly on the couch out there, and within minutes she had crawled onto my lap and was purring.

I admit I was a goner immediately. The shelter had already said they would not take her due to her "unknown" history, and we could not let her back into the cold outdoors.

She has become an active, curious, and devoted girl. You need to earn her trust, but once you have it, she is all yours. We love you, Lucy girl, and sure are glad you chose our backyard!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I'm trying to nap, Mom

I'm sleeping on Mom's Christmas blanket. It was her grandma's, who died three years ago, and she likes to use it around the holidays. 

It's warm and fuzzy.

Aw mom, why did you have to wake me up?

Sadie wants some potato soup

Since she's getting older, Sadie is seeking out warm spots more often. She discovered the warm pot of potato soup on the stove recently...