Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cat profile: Sadie

Name: Sadie

DOB: August 23, 2008

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (dilute calico)

Nicknames: Sadie-kitty, stinker kitty, Sadie baby, tiny little kitty

Likes: playing, FOOD, treats of any kind, my person's upstairs bathroom

Dislikes: getting my nails trimmed, getting brushed, being held when I'm playful

Statement from Sadie: Bring on the fun! I love to play, explore, and invent games. One of my favorite games is sneaking out onto the porch. Then my people will come and play with me out there! I try to play with the other cats when I can, but one of them hisses at me [Tucker] and the other will sometimes play, but then he usually runs away [Benny].

One of my people calls me a "stinker kitty." I'm only trying to have a good time, but they don't always appreciate my humor. Sometimes, I take things and try to hide them. My best finds so far have been the baby Jesus from a nativity set, a miniature St. Jude figure, a salami sandwich, a baby food jar lid, and cello wrappers from snack foods. I'm always on the hunt for new items to add to my collection.

I like sleeping in all sorts of places. I have several nice cat beds, but will sleep on a kitchen chair or even under the bed when I feel like it. My people know they can just call my name and I'll come running.

I enjoy snacks of all kinds. Here, I'm a little kitten tasting a Hostess cupcake. I'll try almost anything, from steamed broccoli, bread, popcorn (see my video), but my favorite treats are freeze-dried chicken breasts. I also love those C.E.T. dental treats; they are like a toy and treat combined into one!

Carriers are fun places to sleep. This carrier is shaped like a duffel bag.

I love my cat tree. It's my favorite place to play, scratch, and lounge. Sometimes I let Benny sit on top, but usually I claim it as mine.

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Anonymous said...

she is a cutie. I remember her when she fit into my pocket.

The last kitten from Grandma's farm. She is a very lucky gal.

I know she has a wonderful home. She has a beautiful coat on her, she is treated like a princess.


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