Sunday, December 21, 2008

A trip down memory lane

My mom and dad at their wedding. Mom is squinting because of the rice people are throwing.

One of the servers from the wedding, along with my grandparents (mom's parents).

A scene from my grandparent's farm, with my great grandmother (right) with some of her siblings.

My dad with me (Rene).

Aren't I cute? I'm playing in the sand box (an old tractor tire filled with sand).

A few years ago, I had some old home movies converted from VHS (originally Super 8) to DVD. I'm posting some stills from those shots.


Amy said...

Signs that I'm Lutheran: I see the word "server" and think it must be one of the Ladies' Aid who served the meal in the hall after the wedding. :-) I even have one of mom's 'fancy' aprons when she was that sort of server for a friend's wedding back in the day.

Rene S said...

I'm not positive he was a server, but am pretty sure. He wasn't the priest, but perhaps one of the altar 'boys'.

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