Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cat profile: Tucker

Name: Tucker

DOB:  July 4, 1998

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (brown tabby and white)

Nicknames: Tucker-kitty, the bull, Tucker-baby

Likes: Warm laps, open windows, my people, FOOD and treats, sleeping in a laundry basket of warm, clean clothes, sleeping next to Rene's head

Dislikes: Sadie, being left alone, the vet, taking pills

Statement from Tucker: I really like my people--they have nice warm laps and they give me lots of attention. My people tell me that I've mellowed a lot since I've gotten older. When we have company, I will stay and socialize, sometimes even sleeping near guests. Still, my people tell me I can be a stinker at times--my person Rene will never bare her toes around me. I can't help myself; I have to bite her big toe when I see it. I've done this since I was a kitten.

I am very tuned into what my people say and know a lot of phrases. My favorite, of course, is "are you hungry?" I even have a video about it. I also like to talk a lot. I have a lot to say!

I'm a little older now, so I enjoy my naps. At night, I will usually sleep near my person Rene's head. She used to complain about it, but now I think she likes it.

I don't care much for Sadie--she bugs me--but I don't mind Benny. I guess they are ok to have around the house, so I don't get lonely.

Here is me as a kitten in October, 1998 with my person, Rene. My people say I was never a tiny kitten. I was only 12 weeks here and look how big and manly I was already!

I love boxes, the smaller the better. Here I am sitting in a water-bottle box. I think it fits, don't you?

If there's a lap to be found, I'm on it. Here I'm sitting on a lap while my person is on the computer.
I enjoy naps in the sun. If one of the other cats is in the way, I will take their spot. 

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