Saturday, January 17, 2009

Violet update: part 3

The 'Hawaii' violet just keeps blooming and blooming. The first photos I posted of 'Hawaii' only had a couple of blooms.

My violet at work, which I mentioned earlier, took a month break from blooming but has re-started to bloom again. Let's hope the very-ailing 'red violet' I brought to my work's magic window will survive.


amyjtoo said...

Show off. :-) I have one of that variety that just came into bloom - and was happy that it had 3 flowers open at once.

Rene S said...

Well, the almost-dead 'red violet' one sort of balances it out, right?

Amy said...

Not if I admit that I've thrown out almost all of my red-violet ones in the past few weeks. They just seem to be shriveling away. Did split/transplant a few more tonight - and realized that I must have almost a dozen of Aileen's Double if they all survive.

Rene S said...

Ok, now I feel a bit better. My red violet is shriveling away too. I took it out of the pink pot you had it in to see if a little more air/circulation will help. Only time will tell, I guess

Amy said...

Considering that one started out as a 25-cent clearance special from Wal-mart, I'm trying to tell myself to not be too concerned.

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