Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Comparing Grand Am sizes

Jim swears my "new" car is larger than my old one. I notice that, while the nose is a bit shorter, the back end is larger (and so is the trunk). According to the vehicle specs, there's a small amount of size difference, but not much:

2002 specs
  • Length: 186.3"
  • Width: 70.4"
  • Height: 55.1"
  • Gas tank size: 14 gallons

  • 1995 specs
    • Length: 186.9"
    • Width: 68.7"
    • Height: 53.2"
    • Gas tank size: 15 gallons

    • Does posting this information make me a car geek. . . wait, don't answer that. . .

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      Amy said...

      Sorry, you already proved your were a 'car geek' when you could calculate your cost per mile a week or so ago. :-)

      Think those height and width differences might be enough for a person to notice visually.

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