Monday, May 11, 2009

Look at that shine

During the weekend, I "clay barred" the Grand Am. A clay bar is similar in texture to a kneaded eraser. First, you wash and dry the car. Then, you spray on a special lubricant, then run the clay bar over the paint's surface. The bar traps dirt that's imbedded into your paint (which, over time, erode the paint, eventually causing rust). As the bar gets dirty, you knead it until it's clean, then continue spraying and rubbing.

I could not believe the amount of dirt on the roof! I went over the surface three times and it's still not perfect.

After clay barring, you need to wax the car. Wow, I've never seen any of my cars so shiny and smooth. Though it was time consuming, the results were worth it.


Amy said...

Your dad's idea - or discovered with your own research?

Rene S said...

Found it on the Grand Am owners forum I sometimes visit.

Hello from Ringo the Ridiculous

I could only get one photo before he got up (he does that a lot when I get out a camera). He is in the middle of a meow. Hi mom!