Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The kitties get a new scratcher

Based on a recommendation from my friend Megan, I got the cats a new scratcher. To my delight, all three like it! Here's Sadie scratching on it.

Tucker prefers to lounge on it (and since it looks like a couch, it's the perfect shape for lounging.)

He settled in quickly and started scrunching.

Soon, though, he got sick of the camera and turned around. What a silly boy.

Why no photos of Benny? He was sitting on it so nicely, but when I grabbed the camera, he zoomed off and wanted to play. Maybe another day.

If you like this scratcher, it's called the Scratcher Sofa by Imperial Cats. It comes in many color combos (I chose peacock). If you buy it at Wal-mart, you'll pay around $17.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Sadie appears to get the concept a bit better. :-) However, Tucker is definitely "king of all he surveys" on that Imperial sofa.

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