Friday, July 17, 2009

Cat profile: Benny

Name: Benny

DOB: August 23, 2000

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (gray tabby and white)

Nicknames: Benny-kitty, little boy

Likes: warm laps, sunbeams, lots of pets, being talked to, punching bread

Dislikes: dogs, car rides, being confined in a pet carrier, any water that drips onto me

Statement from Benny: I'm the proverbial middle child. I'm the peacemaker and I always give in to the other cats. I don't like change and can get anxious, so I'm on an anti-anxiety medication, which helps me a lot. I also have glaucoma in my right eye, so I see an animal opthamologist twice per year. I'm a very good patient and sit still for the exams. I sometimes even purr for the doctor and eat the treats they give me.

My people say I'm a smart boy, and they think they've trained me to do tricks, but the trick is on them--I get treats out of the deal. See my YouTube video and let me know what you think.

I love to sit on laps and will purr, purr, purr until I fall asleep. I never get tired of being pet or being talked to.

I love a nap in the sunbeam. My people love it when I curl my paws under me like this.

 I don't mind Sadie, but she can get on my nerves sometimes, especially when I'm trying to nap. We'll play together for a while, then she'll keep bothering me until I jump up high to get escape from her antics.

Speaking of naps, my people think I'm an adorable napper. I curl up in a tight ball. They take lots of sleepy kitty pictures of me when I'm like this, but I don't understand why.

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Amy said...

*Adore* Benny's quote.

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