Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's your favorite Christmas album?

Hands down, it's the Brenda Lee Christmas album for me! My mom owned it and I would listen to the LP in the basement, while rollerskating. My sisters and I would sometimes "act out" the songs like the "Little Blue Bell." A great, fun album.

Honorable mentions:
The Beach Boys Christmas--Little Saint Nick is a favorite.

I Wanna Be Santa Claus--Ringo Starr's album from 1999. Some classics like Little Drummer Boy and some new ones, such as the title track. Great, rockin' fun.

Gentle Night--originally from the 1970s. A beautiful, religious album. My favorite track is Emmanuel. It's available on iTunes too.

The Carpenters Christmas--who can not like Karen Carpenter's wonderful voice? She does an amazing version of Ave Maria that give me tingles when I hear it.

What's YOUR favorite album for the holidays? Please share it. I'm always looking for new tunes!


Angel and Kirby said...

Those are all great. Mom likes Hampton String Quartet three albums - What if Mozart wrote 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas', HSQ does Christmas again, and What if Mozart wrote 'I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause'. Unfortunately, she has lost the last album and can not find it on line that is affordable.

Amy said...

Hmm, I am not familiar with this concept of an 'album' when you talk Xmas music. Mom would always get out the 8-track player in my youth. I believe we had an Andy Williams one and the Conniff Family (sp?) singers.

Anonymous said...

For the complete Brenda Lee Christmas experience beyond your mono album, be sure to pick up the following stereo CD (at a very reasonable price) that includes Merry Christmas in its entirety and several additional rare singles from the fifties. You won't be sorry!


Rene said...

Anonymous, I do have that album too! It's fun, especially hearing the songs from when she was young.

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