Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sadie helps me transplant a violet

A friend gave me an ailing violet that had been planted in a fish bowl. She gave it to me in the hope that I can give it a better home. You might remember that Sadie likes to sit near my other violets.

Hey, where are the fish?

Wow, soil in a bag! So many good smells, so little time.


amyjtoo said...

Too cute.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Aw what a cute picture, and so sweet of Sadie to help out. We bet the violet looked cool in the fishbowl (even though it was probably not the best choice to put it in). We hope it perks up!

Sammy and Andy said...

You are a grand snoopervisor, Sadie....and a total cutie.

Angel and Kirby said...

Sadie, you are a good helper!

Triple kitties on the bed