Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tucker talks back


Sammy and Andy said...

Tucker is definitely a video star!!!!!!

We want to thank you for your support while our Ma was so ill....she is home now and doing as well as can be expected.....your support helped us through the ordeal, so many thanks again. xxxxx

The puzzle pieces post.....our mamabug did that with her graphics software program, PaintShopPro (PSP)....the poor man's (or in this case, poor woman's) Photoshop....PSP is what she uses to make almost everything that appears on our blog, including our headers and backgrounds.

Thanks again and love and purrs from us.

Angel and Kirby said...

You are a very talkative boy! loved the video.

amyjtoo said...

Hard to tell if he's conversing with you or telling those birds to quiet down their racket. :-)

It's Monday, Mom

Mom, wait! Before you leave for work, I'm packing you a little something. It's my favorite, and I hope you like it. Ha...