Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sadie and the plastic ring

I was trying to get some videos of Tucker's tail, but he wasn't cooperating. Instead, Sadie decided to be extra cute and I got this video instead. Guess it's a fine trade off.


Sammy and Andy said...

Hi, pretty Sadie.....we are sad that you lost your toy under the door. We hope your mom opened the door and gave it back to you. xxxxxxxxx

Angel and Kirby said...

Why do toys always run under the doors! It is just not fair!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Sadie our toys end up under the door all the time. We hope your mom got it out for you!

You look so cute playing with the plastic ring - we love those too! We think you are such a cutie though!!

Amy J said...

So, Miss Sadie likes the classic plastic ring - but didn't like the catnip "loop" rings that you gifted to Aerin. Strange.

Triple kitties on the bed