Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An early Christmas present, and a question

I gave Tucker one of his Christmas presents early, a Pawbreaker mouse. He really likes it!

I also have a question for those of you more experienced with feline cancer. Can anyone suggest holistic or herbal treatments to support Tucker's immune system? I was going to search the Only Natural Pet website, but am at a loss otherwise.
UPDATE: I've ordered a mushroom herbal blend, designed for immune support.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Great present, Tucker!

Rene, ask Cheri at Cats of the Wildcat Woods. She has a holistic vet and if anyone will have suggestions for you, it's Cheri.

Cat said...

That looks like Tucker is having a lot of fun!!!

Sorry I don't have any information on holistic treatments

Angel and Kirby said...

We have never heard of a Pawbreaker mouse but it looks like tons of fun!

TK and Squashies said...

It is so good to see Tucker frolick wif hims present. It sure looks like him is having fun!
Purrs, TK

Aerin and Cassie said...

Hold it, you're saying the people who make the Pawbreaker catnip ball make a mouse now!! Tell us more!

Laila and Minchie said...

We didn't know they have pawbreaker mousies! Looks like a lot of fun, Tucker!

Old Kitty said...

Oh beautiful Tucker!! Yay for such a great toy!! What a treat!! Yay!

Rene, I hope you find some wonderful holistic treatments to boost Tucker's immune system. Here's a site that I hope may help you - it's more to find a vet that practices holistic treatments.


Hugs too to adorable Benny and Sadie! take care

Roberta said...

That mouse sure looked like a real one. You are a good mouser, Tucker.

Roy said...

Sounds like that pawbreaker is really a 'pawbreaker'. What is that toy made of anyhow?

Rene, Lisa and I do hope you can find the treatment for Tucker's system. Lately all I read from one blog to the other is the illnesses the little ones have. It scares me so much. My clowder ranges from 14 to 8 years old and I'm beginning to wonder what we will do 'if or when' one of ours is stricken with something we can't cure at home. They are our world, or stability, what, actually our day runs on. I know your hurts, your feeling about your little one. Been there many times, managed to treat a couple and give them extended, comfortable life. Now, though, there's no money left for that. I dread the day.

Take care, enjoy the little one, and here's hoping for that just right treatment .....

Be safe Hon.

Natalie said...

Tucker is such a cutie. He looks so happy!

Karen Jo said...

Tucker is really having a good time with that Pawbreaker mouse. I hope the mushroom treatment helps him.

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