Monday, June 4, 2012

Stained glass window score

Every May, my parents' town has a citywide rummage sale. There are tons of yard sales, so I'll drive up and spend the weekend yard saling with family. It's a lot of fun.

This year, I found a nice-sized (17" x 27") stained glass piece for only $10. I've always wanted a large one to hang in our porch window. Here it is, hung, from the inside looking out.

Outside looking in.


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! What a most unusual find!!! Brilliant! And it hangs just beautifully too! yay! take care

Fuzzy Tales said...

It's gorgeous! You paid $10 for that?
A very lucky find!

Angel and Kirby said...

That is a nice find and a great piece!

Laila and Minchie said...

Beautiful! What a great find and deal!

Roberta said...

Gorgeous and what a purrfect fit.

The Island Cats said...

Very pretty! And what a great find!!

Eileen said...

Very pretty - I don't care for stained glass but this one is unique and more contemporary.

Awesome find and a steal to boot!

Two kitties on the porch couch

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