Friday, January 4, 2013

A non cat question

I'm hoping someone in cat blogosphere land can give me some advice. On January 1, I lost a crown. I've had problems with this tooth before, and expected to go into the dentist and get it either glued back on, or get a replacement crown.

Unfortunately, after much drilling, the dentist found such a large cavity that he could not save the tooth. I'm going in on Monday to have it extracted. (Talk about shock! I'm quite nervous about this.)

Since it's a molar, it does 80% of my chewing (according to the dentist), and needs to be replaced. I also had my second molars removed when I was a kid, so there aren't many teeth back there.

My two options are a bridge or an implant.

I'm considering the implant, and wondered if anyone a) has one or b) has information on them. 

Thanks to anyone who can help.


8 Paws said...

Hi, I have had to have two molars extracted and my dentist never even mentioned putting any implants or bridges in. He told me that I probably would not even miss them in regards to chewing and I don't.

If it was a cosmetic thing for me because they would show when smiling etc, I might consider getting something put in, but I have not had any issues and they were both extracted at least 15 years ago.

Hope you make out okay!


Fuzzy Tales said...

I can't suggest anything, though I have a friend in Montreal who has had several implants.

I have one crown on a lower molar and that tooth has been sensitive since (2.5 years now). I cringe at the thought of another being needed (will happen at some point), and am freaking out on your behalf. Hope they give you good drugs/gas for both the extraction and then whatever you choose to do.

Sending healing Light, and the boys are purring!

~*Connie*~ said...

I am missing one of my lower molars. I was told I would need to have a bridge (which involved grinding down two perfectly fine teeth) or my upper molars would 'fall out' because they had nothing to push them back in. well that was years ago, I still never got one, and my teeth are fine and I eat just fine. Occasionally something large gets stuck in the spot and I feel a little funny picking it out, but I don't regret not doing something about it (but I do regret the fact that the tooth is gone)

MrsB said...

I have an implant in a front tooth - it was darned expensive - took forever, but was well worth it.
Now if it was a molar, I might opt for a bridge - bur bridges do not last forever. Implants do.

So, 6 to 10K for a front tooth - in Alabama no less. Hopefully less for you.

It was painless and would do it again.

MrsB said...

In addition - if you opt to leave it alone, pull the molar and do nothing - your teeth will shift - no matter how old you are and when you bite goes wonky, it makes your whole head hurt. Trust me, I know, I had a crown fall off a molar and left it for 7 years. Silly me.

Angel and Kirby said...

I do not have either, but my mom hated her bridge!

The Island Cats said...

I've had an implant of one of my molars. It was expensive even with my dental insurance and it took a total of 8 months from having the tooth pulled to the final crown, but I don't regret it for a minute. I didn't want a bridge because that meant ruining more teeth.

My husband is currently in the process of having 2 implants...two side by side teeth. He also has a bridge on the other side which after a few years is starting to deteriorate and may need to be replaced.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Mommy says she had a bridge made years ago--and was disgusted with it. She thought it was clumsy and awkward and food was continually sticking and her tongue felt like it was in prison. She doesn't even know where the thing went! An expensive lesson! So, she votes for the implant.

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