Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Tucker-sized box, and some updates

It's about time that our people get a box that's my size. There's plenty of room here to nap and play.

I may never leave.  . .
In other news, our friend Tiny is doing well after his tooth removal. However, instead of having just two teeth removed, he had 11 removed. I hope this helps him feel better.

Sadly, our friend Rosie is doing poorly. She will soon be helped to the Bridge. I will be there with Susan when it happens. . . and will post an update afterward.


Fuzzy Tales said...

That's the perfect box, indeed! Of course, Nicki would start "eating" that right away, if he could. :-)

amyjtoo said...

Careful, Tucker - that box might be big enough that another cat might want to share it. :-)

Angel and Kirby said...

Look at you in your own box, Tucker!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Well Tucker, if I had known you were looking for a particular size of box, I could have sent it to you ages ago :)

It is very kind of you to be there for Susan. Wishing you both a peaceful transition, my thoughts are with you both.

The Island Cats said...

Tucker, that box was made for you!

We are glad all went well for Tiny...but we are sad about Rosie. We send comforting purrs to her mom...we know how difficult this is.

Roberta said...

Tucker, you look just purrfect in that box. It was made especially for you. My prayers and thoughts will be with all of you tomorrow as Rosie makes her peaceful transition.

Two kitties on the porch couch

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