Monday, September 9, 2013

Product review: Catnip from The Natural Pet Company

We were recently contacted by The Natural Pet Company and asked to review one of their products. We admit we hadn't heard of them, but a Google search turned them up quickly.  They are also on Facebook. Their products were highly rated on Amazon, so we agreed to write up a review.*

They sent us a bag of their Catnip for review. It arrived quickly. This is one large bag of 'nip--4 ounces! It smells fresh and potent. I could not detect many stems in the mixture, mostly the more-potent leaves. This is a high-quality catnip.
 According to their website, this catnip is grown in Canada. I appreciate the company's honesty in sourcing the product. I also appreciate the non-plastic bag the catnip is in.

Sadie was the first cat interested as soon as I opened the bag.

She went nuts! In fact, she loved playing with the paper strip that was torn off of the bag. Kitties, don't throw that away; it's a great toy! 
Sadie gives this 'nip two paws up. She played enthusiastically for about a half hour after I'd given her some.

Benny was moderately interested. I could only get him to pose for one photo. I am not sure why he wasn't interested. Out of our three cats, he is the least catnip motivated, however.

Now, Tucker, as many of you know, is our nip-loving boy. This brand was no exception. He immediately started rubbing on the bag.

In fact, he knocked the bag over and spilled a bunch onto the carpet. He was in heaven, rolling around in it.

Fully nipped out and loving it!
Even his belly was covered in nip.

Tucker gives this 'nip two big paws up!

I noticed something different about this catnip that I wanted to share. It is more like a powder in consistency. I put it next to some other catnip so you could see the difference:

All in all, we like this catnip and will enjoy using it! A little goes a long way so this bag will last a long time. Kitties, if you like strong nip, order yourself a bag.

*Disclosure: we were sent one free bag of catnip and asked to write an honest review. We were not compensated financially.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

LOL.. Sadie looks like she is having a wonderful time, and I totally LOVE that upright photo of Tucker! :)

(nice header!)

Roberta said...

Two out of three is very good. Great photos of the 'lil catnippers. Maybe I should get myself a bag and get high on it. LOL

Nerissa said...

Wow... looks like GREAT stuff!


Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

We're allus up for sum good nip!

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