Meet the cats

Cat profile: Benny

Name: Benny

DOB: August 23, 2000

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (gray tabby and white)

Nicknames: Benny-kitty, little boy

Likes: warm laps, sunbeams, lots of pets, being talked to, punching bread, the Beloved Red Blanket

Dislikes: dogs, car rides, being confined in a pet carrier, any water that drips onto me

Statement from Benny: I'm the peacemaker, and get along with all of the other cats. I have glaucoma in my right eye, so I see an animal opthamologist twice per year. I'm a very good patient and sit still for the exams. I sometimes even purr for the doctor and eat the treats they give me. So far, my eye is stable, though I can't see very well out of it. I did develop a growth in that eye, but the doctors say it isn't hurting me. We are watching it closely. It doesn't slow me down, though.

I have hyperthyroidism (common in older kitties) and my mom gives me pills twice per day for this. I also take gabapentin (very lose dose) for my achy joints. I'm not really crazy about all of these pills, but I take them fine, and my mom always gives me a treat afterward, so that's good.

My people say I'm a smart boy, and they think they've trained me to do tricks, but the trick is on them--I get treats out of the deal. See my YouTube video and let me know what you think.

I love to sit on laps and will purr, purr, purr until I fall asleep. I never get tired of being pet or being talked to. As I've gotten older, I love cuddles and sitting on my people's laps as much as possible.

I love a nap in the sunbeam. My people love it when I curl my paws under me like this.

Speaking of naps, my people think I'm an adorable napper. I often curl up in a tight ball. They take lots of sleepy kitty pictures of me when I'm like this, but I don't understand why.

Cat profile: Sadie

Name: Sadie

DOB: August 23, 2008

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (dilute calico)

Nicknames: Sadie-kitty, Sadie baby

Likes: playing, FOOD, treats of any kind

Dislikes: getting my nails trimmed, getting brushed, being held when I'm playful, thunderstorms (they really scare me and I will hide for hours!)

Statement from Sadie: I like sleeping in all sorts of places. I have several nice cat beds, but will sleep on a kitchen chair or even under the bed when I feel like it. My people know they can just call my name once and I'll come running. When I feel like it, I will cuddle with my people. Sometimes, I'll even follow them to bed. I love the fleece blanket they sometimes put out and will purr myself to sleep.

My mom says I have catitude like a typical calico. If she picks me up when I don't want it, I'll whine. And I really dislike being brushed! I hiss and even spit.  Lately, mom's been putting something called "gloves" on me when I'm getting brushed. I guess she doesn't appreciate being clawed?

I enjoy snacks of all kinds. Here, I'm a little kitten tasting a Hostess cupcake. I'll try almost anything, from steamed broccoli, bread, popcorn (see my video), but my favorite treats are freeze-dried chicken breasts. I also love those C.E.T. dental treats; they are like a toy and treat combined into one!

I love Benny, but dislike Lucy and only sort of like Ringo. He can be a real pill sometimes. I mainly hang out on the main floor of the house and don't go upstairs--Lucy likes to hang out up there.

Carriers are fun places to sleep. My carrier is shaped like a duffel bag.

I love my cat tree. It's my favorite place to play, scratch, and lounge. Sometimes I let Benny sit on top, but usually I claim it as mine.

Cat profile: Ringo

Name: Ringo

DOB: May 14, 2014

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (black and white)

Nicknames: Ringo-boy, shoulder kitty

Likes: Playing, being with his people, Benny, treats

Dislikes: Being alone

We adopted Ringo from a local shelter on August 6, 2014. 
This is Ringo's "gotcha" photo.

Statement from Ringo: I love it here. My favorite toy is something called Da Bird. I carry it all around the house. I'm also in love with a mouse toy called the "Cat Catcher."  I bring it to mom or dad if I want to play.

I like both of my people, but my mom calls me a "Mama's boy," because I love my mom a lot. I follow her from room to room and meow when she leaves the house. She plays with me, and I love that too. I love to play with Dad, but Mom just knows how to play better with kitties.

My mom says I'm such a happy kitty, and sometimes I'm a goofy kitty. Compared to Sadie, I like being brushed and will purr. My mom calls me a "joiner," because I want to be part of the action anywhere in the house. I don't want to miss anything! There's so much to learn and do!

I really like Lucy, the newest cat. She's about my age and we love to play together. She always loves to play and we race up and down the stairs. What fun! And mom plays with both of us, it's also lots of fun. I also love to cuddle and groom Benny. We have what my mom calls a "bromance" going on. I'll groom him and we'll sleep together in a little ball.

I like to sleep next to Benny.

Cat profile: Lucy
estimated DOB: May 14, 2014
Gotcha day: December 4, 2016

Breed: DSH

Nicknames: Lucy-girl, orange girl, skitty (shortened from street kitty)

Likes: Food, pets/scratches, Da Bird/Da Ball, treats

Dislikes: being alone, getting into a carrier

We trapped Lucy as a TNR feral cat, to be spayed and returned to the outdoors. After the spay, we quickly learned that she was not feral, but a sweet girl. We could not return her to the cold, so we brought her into our home after we got the vet's ok.

It's been a joy learning about her personality. She's the smartest cat I've ever known. She remembers things if you show her once, and she's very routine oriented. She loves to be pet and talked to. We are both amazed at the things she discovers, like an open drawer or the bathtub. It all belongs to her.

She is good friends with Ringo, and they play together every day. It warms my heart to see them together--on the cat tree or near a window. She's become quite a lap cat, and purrs often. She's a wonderful girl who seems like she's always been here. Our only wish is that she and Sadie would get along, but that seems unlikely. For the most part they ignore each other but Lucy does tend to chase Sadie at times.

Cat profile: Tucker (RB)

Name: Tucker

DOB:  July 4, 1998
DOD: July 18, 2014

Breed: Mixed breed shorthair (brown tabby and white)

Nicknames: Tucker-kitty, the bull, Tucker-baby

Likes: Warm laps, open windows, my people, food and treats, sleeping in a laundry basket of warm, clean clothes, sleeping next to Rene's head

Dislikes: Sadie, being left alone, the vet, taking pills (especially bitter ones)

Statement about Tucker: What can we say about Tucker? He was a very special cat who will always be in our hearts. He was initially Rene's cat, but grew to love Jim just as much. He had a number of health scares, from bladder surgery to pancreatitis. He scared us to death at age 15 by slipping outside and went missing for 11 days, until Rene found him 7 blocks from home.

Sometimes, there are cats that are "the one." Tucker was sure one of a kind. He was so devoted to his people. We miss him and his raspy meow.

As a kitten in October, 1998 with Rene. 

Ringo loves the window

Hi Mom! Are you watering flowers? There are so many good smells today. Let me take a good sniff. Ah, heavenly.