Monday, December 11, 2017

Three cats visit the vet

Three of the cats were due for visits to the vet. While more work, it is more efficient to bring multiple cats in at once (and our vet gives a discount).

I used a cart to wheel them in this time, and it worked great.

Lucy needed her annual check up. She was very good and sat on the counter the entire time. I realized recently that, given her background, she had likely not have any vaccines (outside of the rabies she'd had last year). So I opted to give her the distemper combo. She'll get a booster in 4 weeks.

Ringo only needed his anal glands expressed. He tried to squeeze himself under the counter.
No one will find me here!
Benny was due for blood work. The IDEXX testing is finally available in our area, so I opted for that testing. Thankfully, his kidney levels are stable and relatively good for his age (17). His SDMA is 19, a little high (the high end of normal is 14), but not terrible.

Unfortunately, he lost more weight, despite us feeding him whenever he asks.
I like my carrier.
We are thankful it was an overall decent vet trip with no surprises.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thrifty Thursday: Still more cat pins

I keep finding cat pins! I found these two at a local Goodwill. I rarely visit Goodwill because their prices are higher, and the local St. Vincent dePaul is near our house.

These two were $1.99 each. The gold cats have green eyes!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's Lucy's first Gotcha Day!

One year ago, we would not have guessed Lucy would come into our lives.

Before she was gotcha'd. She would spend hours in our backyard.

This is a photo from one year ago today, when she crawled onto my lap after being spayed. (I admit that I was immediately a goner and knew she would become ours!)

Two days later, after coming inside from the porch.

A few days later, playing with the catnip apple.

She's gained weight, her fur is thicker, softer, and darker, and her personality has bloomed! She's loves attention, pets, laps, and her people. Ringo and her are BFFs. And, as I learned recently, she's an excellent kitty nurse.

She's smart, a little stubborn, and curious. However, she's a devoted girl and nearly always in the same room as Jim or I.

We're sure glad you came into our lives!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Benny's trip to the eye specialist

Benny had a regular check up at the eye specialist this week. He's been going there for most of his life--around 15 years (he is 17)! It's possible he is one of their longest-term patients.

He can't wait to get out of the carrier once we're inside.

We've seen this exam room many times over the years.

Thankfully, his eyes remain stable. We're grateful he's been able to keep his eye and manage his conditions with drops. We also know how fortunate we are to have a specialist only 20 minutes from home.

This is a photo of Benny's eyeball.
A 2016 update on his eyes.

Three cats visit the vet

Three of the cats were due for visits to the vet. While more work, it is more efficient to bring multiple cats in at once (and our vet give...