Monday, April 24, 2017 review: Nulo canned food

Our second review item this month is Nulo canned food. We received the chicken & herring flavor, but there are several other flavors available.

We had not heard of this brand before, so I did some research on the company and read a number of reviews on Chewy's website.

Pros: No grains, wheat, by-products, corn, carrageenan, soy, high protein formula, made in Texas by an American company

Cons: All but two of the formulas contain fish, contains odd ingredients like tomato, kelp, yucca

I read a review on Chewy where the customer posted that the ingredient list had changed (for the worse, in this person's opinion), by adding pea fiber and replacing turkey, the second ingredient, with chicken broth. This was posted in October 2016 and when I checked the manufacturer's website, it had the "old" list of ingredients. I'm not sure if it was never updated, or if the manufacturer went back to the original ingredient list. I found it interesting, and if pea fiber is something you don't want in your food, check the label or contact the manufacturer.

The food is a pate, and had almost no smell. Ringo became immediately interested once I put the can in the box.
Mom, I want some!
Ringo insisted on eating next to some friends. He liked the food.

Lucy liked it too.

Now Benny liking it was a nice surprise. I fully expected him to reject it, but he ate all that I gave him. And Lucy was ready to butt in if he didn't.

The cats all liked the food, and given the good ingredients, it is another solid choice to feed the cats. We plan to try some of the other flavors eventually

*Disclaimer: We were given some food in exchange for an honest review. The opinions here are our own.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Red looks good on you

For many years, Tucker was a willing and patient model for all of my antics and photographs. It seems Ringo is becoming more patient now, as I wrapped a crochet project* around him and he didn't seem to mind. 

Red is my color.

* The project is an ongoing one--I crochet cat-sized blankets from yarn I get at thrift stores, and donate them to the local shelters. I've probably donated 35 or 40 blankets by now (but haven't counted.)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sunbeams unite kitties

I was pleasantly surprised to see Lucy and Benny lounging together in the sunbeams.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lucy, then and now

Our friend Connie left a comment, suggesting we post then and now photos of Lucy.

On the left is her the night after her spay, on my lap. The right is another of her on my lap that I took recently. Her notched ear is healed, and she's filled out nicely. Her fur is getting thicker and softer, and her raw paw pads are healed and soft.

This photo was the night after we had her vetted and brought her inside. It said to me "I am home."

I love this wide-eyed photo of her on the bed now. 

Lucy has blossomed into a wonderful cat. She loves Ringo and they are always together, and she's become quite the lap cat with me. She's curious and always getting into something (she loves hair ties stolen from the bathroom), and it makes us laugh. I never imagined adding a fourth cat, but she's fit in wonderfully and is a joy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

These two make me smile

When we adopted Lucy, Jim and I had hoped that she and Ringo would play together. This has worked out wonderfully and they are buddies. When one is playful, the other reacts and plays with him/her. It has been great to see their friendship forming, and somehow, we know that Lucy was meant to be with us.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tie dyed eggs, 2017 edition

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. I present this years eggs, dyed using mens' ties.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter egg decorating, 2017 edition

An annual favorite:Decorating Easter eggs. This year I had two assistants, Ringo and Lucy.

Lucy came and sat on my leg, and it was just adorable.

I can has egg?
 I was disappointed that the purple and pink colors didn't come out too well, but I had fun with the kitties, so it was all good. review: Nulo canned food

Our second review item this month is Nulo canned food. We received the chicken & herring flavor , but there are several other flavo...