Friday, January 20, 2017

Laundry basket bulletin!

Jim sent me this awesome photo and I just about died!

There's new love in the laundry basket! And the laundry wasn't even warm!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A special package, and a household update

We were so excited to receive a package from our Auntie Roberta. She sent us NINE packages of Pure Bites treats! While Benny doesn't care for freeze-dried treats, he was sure excited about the package being opened.

Sniff, sniff.

Lucy was excited too, but she wanted to dig right into the treats.

Do I get to try any of these? They smell great!
I opened the shrimp ones and she went nuts!
Nom, nom!
Even Ringo ate some of the shrimp, and Sadie too. We sure are spoiled.

She also gave me a rubber stamp that I didn't have. Thank you, Auntie Roberta!

Household update:

Benny is finally making great progress with Lucy. He is walking around more of the house, and came to sit on my lap (versus me picking him up and carrying him)! He will let Lucy get closer, but hisses if she gets too close. We are pleased with this progress.

Ringo and Lucy have started to play a little together! They chase each other up and down the stairs. Ringo follows Lucy around the house, so we're hoping they will start to play more often together.

We're letting Sadie see Lucy nearly every day. Lucy has taken to bursting into the bedroom before Sadie's meals, which we allow for a short amount of time. Sadie has started to hold her ground instead of dashing under the bed. If she won't come out of the bedroom, Lucy is going to force her way in!

We're slowly getting there!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lovely Lucy

Lucy loves the top level of the cat tree, and spends a lot of time there now. She sure is a pretty girl.

Cat trees are much cozier than outdoor trees!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 review: Tiki cat food variety pack

This month's item is a variety pack of Tiki Cat food, the King Kamehameha Luau mix. It contains:

2 Hawaiian Grill (ahi tuna)
3 Lanaii Grill (tuna with crab)
2 Tahitian Grill (sardines)
1 Hana Grill (ahi tuna with crab)
2 Bora Bora Grill (sardines with lobster)
2 Makaha Luau (mackerel and sardines)

We've had Tiki Cat food before, but not this variety pack. Most of the cats really like this brand, but since it's pretty much all fish based and more expensive, we buy it less often than other brands.

The good: Grain free, no artificial colors or flavors, low or no carbohydrate, meat or fish is the first ingredients

The not-so-good: Most flavors are fish based. I know some folks don't feed fish as often (or at all).

It appears that Tiki Cat is renaming/remarketing their packaging. Chewy's website had the full name of the King on the package, while mine just said "King Kam" pack. The flavor assortment is also different online. If you aren't sure what flavors are in the assortment, Chewy has them all listed, along with the ingredients.

All of the versions of this food are flake/chunk style. Some cats prefer pate, so I thought I'd mention it. I also noted that the container has 2.8 ounces instead of the usual 3 for a can this size. It's not a lot of difference, but if you're feeding based on weight it could make a difference.

I like that you can tell what the food is. This is the sardine cutlets. There are nice size sardine pieces in there.

This is the ahi tuna with crab.

Lucy, our new and very enthusiastic tester, loved this food. She gulped it down so fast. Sardine cutlets is one of Sadie's very favorites, too (but she wasn't in the kitchen to test this).

Benny liked the sardines too.
I get couch-side service.
Ringo wasn't interested in most of the flavors. He's not a food motivated cat, overall.

Three out of four is pretty good, though! It's a good food to mix in the rotation.

Disclaimer: We were given some food in exchange for an honest review. The opinions given are are own.

Monday, January 16, 2017

You ate WHAT?! #65

With Lucy in the house, I think our long-running series is about to return regularly!

#65 is pancake batter.

I had left remnants in the sink, and Lucy quickly found the bowl. . .

Friday, January 13, 2017

I like the computer chair

This is Lucy. My new mom says I can do my first post here.

I love being inside. There's lots of things to explore. I found this great chair that mom says is the "computer chair."

I was sitting on the chair, and mom sat in front of me to take these photos. She said to note how close Benny is to me--no hissing from either of us!

She says I'm a dangly kitty. I like to dangle my legs off of things.

Did I do good on my first post?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Benny gets special cuddle time

While Benny wants nothing to do with Lucy, he sure enjoys sitting in Jim or I's lap for a cuddle. 

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