Friday, August 26, 2016 review: Tikicat Aloha Friends food

This month's review is Tikicat Aloha Friends food, tuna with pumpkin flavor.

The good: Grain and gluten free, sustainably sourced ingredients

The not-so-good: Pumpkin can be an ingredient some cats don't like in food. We also know some people don't like to feed fish foods.

I didn't realize when I chose this food that it contained pumpkin. We've fed other foods with pumpkin as an ingredient with limited success. However, we like the regular Tiki Cat food, so we figured it was worth a try.

The food looks mostly like tuna. The pumpkin appeared as small bits.

Who would eat this? We figured that Ringo and Sadie would, but I was in for a surprise! Benny ate this food! I did not expect that but was happy. He is a more picky eater than others, and it's good to have another food to add into our rotation.

Sadie loved this food.

Ringo was the only one who wouldn't try this food. Overall, it was a success.

My only comment is that it was difficult to get all of the food out of the pouch, and I felt I was wasting some food. Does anyone have a tip? We usually use cans or feed from bags of raw, so I'm not as familiar with using pouches.

Disclaimer: We were sent some food in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Health updates on the cats

All three cats went to the vet yesterday. Given the chaos of the day, I don't have any photos to share, and I apologize in advance.

Ringo: In for his annual check up. All is well with him, with the exception of we'll be monitoring his anal glands. I had the vet check them because he seems to lick his bottom more than other cats we've had. One was pretty full, so we'll see how he does in the coming months. He was a good boy during that, but let me know his displeasure by howling all the way home!

Sadie: She's had some fur loss for a few weeks, and I was monitoring her at first. Last week, she really started losing/pulling more--her belly, bottom, sides, and even her paws are getting bare. I had skin scrapings and blood work done on her--both normal. She's always been an unsettled cat, but it's worsened in the past year or so. She is afraid of storms, and will hide even if it is raining. Jim has been going through a stressful time at work, and she is his cat, so I imagine that isn't helping.

We will be starting her on prozac to see if she improves. I want her to feel more comfortable and happy with everyday life. We'll keep you posted on her progress.

Benny: At his last appointment a few months ago, I asked the vet to run a thyroid test. He started waking me up for food in the morning, a new habit. His numbers were on the high end of normal. We rechecked, and sure enough, he's now hyperthyroid. I've started him on medication and he'll get rechecked in a month.

His liver values continue to be high, but our vet said that hyperthyroidism can bump them up. We'll see what happens with them in a few months.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hooray, mom is home again!

This is Sadie. As you know, I'm a daddy's girl, but I like my mom too. She went on a trip, and I guess I missed her. She was unpacking her luggage, and I had to supervise.

Mom looked behind the luggage, and look who was hiding there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy birthday to Benny and Sadie!

Benny turns 16 today. It seems unbelievable that he's this age. Outside of his arthritis, he is in pretty good shape for his age. He's a love bug, our peacemaker, and a very purry kitty.

Sadie turns 8 today, which is also hard to believe. At times I still see that tiny kitten we brought home. She's a feisty girl who sure loves her daddy.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Benny still loves his dad

He is such a lover boy, and loves to cuddle with Jim on the recliner.

Friday, August 19, 2016

We're celebrating early?! What?!

Sadie and Benny have birthdays on the 23rd--Benny turns 16 and Sadie turns 8.

However, I will be out of town on a vacation that day, so I bought a cake and we celebrated early.

I actually had 16 candles for the cake, and a little cat cupcake pick that I added for fun.

All lit up.

Benny noticed the candles, but don't worry, right after these pics I quickly blew them out.
For me? Mom, will this set off the fire alarm?

Both Benny and Ringo sampled some frosting. Sadie was sleeping at the time this was served, but don't worry, she'll get some too.

Mmm, cake! And it's not even my birthday!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Cat in hammock

I found this cute kitty in a hammock "flag" for $1.99. The kitty is stuffed and is three-dimensional!

Marg is hosting the snuggling event at the Pawlympics today and we have two entries there. Check out all of the cuteness.
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