Friday, December 9, 2016

Can we be friends?

I spent some time in "Lucy's" room last night. Ringo badly wanted to meet her, so I let him in. He must be the model cat for introducing himself. He walked around the room quietly, smelling and looking at everything. He slowly approached Lucy. There were a few quick hisses, but mostly contemplation of each other.

Ringo was in the room, hanging out, for at least a half hour. It went very well!

This morning, Benny peeked into the room. He just watched her (from a distance) while she ate.

It's amazing what a few days can do. She is looking much healthier already.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lucy and trapping updates

I'm sorry I don't have any photos today. My iPad needs to recharge.

First, no luck in trapping any kittens (or any creature, for that matter). The weather continues to be bitterly cold and windy. The towels I used to cover the traps kept blowing off, the food was freezing, and the traps keep freezing to the ground.

I may resign myself to being done for the week, and try again when the weather isn't so bad.

Now on to Lucy. . .

She had her first visitor last night, our friend Susan! 

She is doing very well, and starting to get curious about her surroundings. She started using the scratching post, and is interested in playing. She is even a catnip fiend!

It is amazing what a couple of days of warmth and meals can do! Her fur is looking better and she's filling out a little.

I've let her and Ringo see each other twice at the door. Ringo is such a good boy and wants to meet her. Lucy hissed a couple of times but was not aggressive.

Benny is going about his usual routines. While Sadie is hissing at the door and slightly edgy, she did sit on my lap last night.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Please welcome Lucy!

I suppose most of you knew this was coming. . .

We have decided to keep our "TNR" girl. She deserves love and a warm home, and while we never planned to have four cats, I can't send her back outside.

She got the all-clear from the vet, except for some ear drops to make sure there aren't any mites. Her spay incision is looking good, no fleas, negative for heart worm and leukemia. She is quite underweight, but is a great eater and we'll soon fix that.

I brought her into a spare room last night. She is just so happy to be inside. She discovered and attacked the nip tomato we had in the spare room, much to my delight.

Ringo badly wants to meet this cat, and is meowing to get IN. Benny is more or less neutral, and Sadie is growly but not in hiding. Sadie is the only cat we are concerned about, as she does not like change.

Feliway is on order from Amazon, and I've started some scent exchanging on both sides.

Lucy is estimated to be about two years old, and is such a sweet girl. We look forward to getting to know each other in the coming months. You won't have to be cold and hungry anymore, little girl.

PS: We've had some blustery, cold weather and no kittens have come out. I will try again tonight. I have just two days left to try and trap. (My appointment with the shelter ends on Friday.) If I have no success, I will likely wait until March or so.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trapping update: Day three

I have a lot of news, some unexpected.

First, I have not trapped any kittens. I haven't even seen them! I've tried two different kinds of bait, sardines and fish Fancy Feast (warmed). Any ideas from those more experienced?

Second, I brought home the male and female last night. Male was VERY unhappy, so I let him out within an hour of coming home. The goofball then got himself stuck inside a trap again, so I let him out. LOL

Now the female. . .

This is NOT a feral cat. 

She is sweet, sat on my lap, purred, rubbed me. She has no interest in going outside. She was once loved and had a home.

It's supposed to turn bitterly cold in a few days. I can't release this sweet cat back outside. Her fur is thin and she is also thin. She's eating 4, 3 oz. cans of food and a nugget of raw since I brought her home!

We are debating our options. . . but know that bringing her in may be in the cards. I have a vet appointment for her today. We'll evaluate her and see what happens. . .stay tuned.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Trapping update: Day two

Good news! We caught the adult male last night. I dropped off both mama and him at the shelter for neutering/spaying this morning. I will pick them up after work.

I was hoping to catch a kitten or two, but no luck. The snow really hindered our progress--the traps kept sticking, and with people out shoveling/snowplows/etc. it was not quiet enough for them to come out.

I'll set the traps again tonight.

PS Both Benny and Ringo were very curious about the activity out on the porch. Benny nearly bolted out there, but we stopped him in time. Given that both cats were in cages under towels, he wouldn't have gotten to see them anyway.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trapping update: Day one

Please note: posting will be erratic this week while we are trapping the neighborhood feral cats. I hope to return to regular posting next week.

It's been a terrible weather day for trapping--lots of snow is falling. I've had to go out three times this afternoon and brush off the traps and replace the wet/buried food.

But, good news! We have already trapped the mama kitty!

She isn't truly feral, which I sort of guessed. We were able to make a "chute" and put her into Tucker's old carrier for the night. She's safe in our porch for now.

I saw kitty prints in the snow, so I hope we'll be able to add to tomorrow's drop off.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Gotta stretch out my leg

Feral cat update: Last night, Jim and I talked to some neighbors, looking for information about the kittens. Sadly, we learned there are FIVE kittens, and even more sadly, they are 4-6 months old (too old to socialize and adopt out).

These neighbors were trying to convince the person where the kittens "lived" to contact the local shelter for help. The guy would not listen or even let them on his property.

I got permission to set traps on their property, which is across the street from him.

However, some good news this morning--two of the kittens were waiting near our traps for food this morning!  I'm going to buy another trap today and set it up. These kittens are nearly breeding age now, so I want to control the population.

Ringo: Sorry, Benny, but I need to stretch out my back leg for a while.

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