Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Views from the bike trail

Nicer weather means my bicycle comes out of hibernation and onto the bike trails. I took a 10.5 mile ride on the Glacial Drumlin trail on Sunday. This view is my favorite on the trail, about 1/2 way to Wales. You have to crane your neck, but you can peek through the shrubbery and see this great view.

A hopper parked on a spur near the railroad tracks.

Tons of these (unknown name) purple flowers were in bloom.

A view of the Fox River at the start of the trail.


mkthudson said...

Wow, that looks amazing! What a great day for a ride.

Amy said...

And, egads, I had no idea you were such an ambitious bike rider. Pretty shot of the river.

Two kitties on the porch couch

Ringo and Lucy both love to sneak out on the porch anytime they can (with sneak meaning that Jim opens the door for them).