Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two toys for the price of one

Not long ago, we asked for your help in finding a replacement for our favorite toy. Our person located a toy at Petsmart that she modified into a very similar toy for us! Here is the toy out of the package, a mouse on a string. See his long tail? It's just like the end of our old toy!

Our person cut off the mouse and string, then (eek!) cut off the mouse's tail and glued it to the stick. Now we have two toys--a mouse with a string (which Tucker is enjoying) and a stick toy (which Benny is loving). Sadie is still unsure, but we think once there are good kitty smells on it, that she'll love it too!

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Angel and Kirby said...

How fun! We have been looking for your toy in all the stores! We are glad you have a new one!

We got a nip rainbow!

This is Benny. Mom found us a Yeow!! catnip rainbow. It's really fun to play with. It's almost as fun as our nip banana...