Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday gardening post

Here's what's looking good in the garden this week!

My clump of "buttercups." I'm not sure if this is their true name, but they are pretty and low maintenance.

Wisconsin is home to three species of native cactus. I'm fortunate to have one of them, an Opuntia (a prickly pear relative).

The lighter green pads are the new spring growth.

My "mystery" flower is in bloom. It was given to me a number of years ago, and the woman didn't know its name. However, it grows freely in our backyard in the dry shade.

Stay tuned for more gardening posts!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, any chance the white flowers are chamomile? Tried growing it once with no luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my buttercups are blooming too - but no day lilies yet. :-)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I had no idea cacti were native up north - I thought it was a southwest type of plant.

Roberta said...

You definitely have a flourescent green thumb. What a beautiful garden.

The Island Cats said...

Very pretty flowers! And we had no idea that cacti grew in the north.

CATachresis said...

I love looking at the pictures of beautiful gardens all over the world. Such a varied collection of blooms!

Hello from Ringo the Ridiculous

I could only get one photo before he got up (he does that a lot when I get out a camera). He is in the middle of a meow. Hi mom!