Friday, January 16, 2015 review: Wishes treats

The item we selected this month to review are Wishes treats from The Honest Kitchen.

These treats are dehydrated haddock fillets.

The good:
• One ingredient--haddock
• Honest Kitchen's facilities are human grade
• If you break up the pieces, there are a lot of possible treats in this bag
• Many cats like fish

The not-so-good:
I was expecting these treats to be more like Liv-a-Littles, in that they are light and flaky. These pieces are thick and very HARD.

The verdict:
While Ringo was very interested in these treats, he couldn't decide how to eat them. The only cat who gobbled them up was Sadie. I wish the fillets were thinner for cats (these treats are marked for cats and dogs), or perhaps they could sell a cat version with smaller and lighter pieces.

Hey mom, these smell good, but how do I eat them?


Summer at said...

My human has brought these home at one point or another - before I was here - and she agrees with you.

Greg_1948 said...

Opie, with no lower molars, would not want them. Thanks for the review.

The Island Cats said...

Hmmmm...they probably need to be broken up for us cats to eat them. Well, at least Sadie liked them.

Roberta said...

Great review. I agree with you that the company should make one specifically for kitties. I cut the Pure Bites into little pieces with scissors, mix them into the food and Tiny just gobbles them up.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I almost got these this month, but the smell of haddock.. not my cup of tea. Roberta had a good suggestion.. any left to see if cutting them with scissors works?

Ringo is ridiculous, once again

What? Don't all kitties sleep like this? They are missing out. It is comfortable!