Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sadie wakes up from a nap

This is Sadie, and I just woke up from a nap in my tent bed.

Mom was laughing because the fur on my head was mussed up.

She should talk! Her hair is messed up after sleeping too! I wish I had thumbs and could use her camera to show you.


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

MOL! Yeah, you should see the bird's nest my human wakes up with - sadly, no birds included.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

that happens to Fleurp too

The Island Cats said...

Do you have bed head, Sadie?

Eileen said...

You are so cute Sadie! The tousled look is purrfect.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

You look adorable even when first getting up Sadie.

Ringo is ridiculous, once again

What? Don't all kitties sleep like this? They are missing out. It is comfortable!