Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chewy.com review: Purina Muse canned food

This month's food is Purina Muse canned food. We were sent salmon and shrimp flavor, but there are other flavors available too. 

Lucy was a VERY enthusiastic new participant. She butted my hand just as I was taking the photo.

The good: Grain free--no corn, wheat or soy. Pate type of food, which our gang prefers. No artificial colors or flavors.

The not-so-good: Contains unnecessary ingredients like spinach, sweet potato, and blueberries

I don't generally think of Purina when I think of higher-quality food. However, the ingredients seem pretty decent for this brand of their food. It's a pate with no chunks, which I appreciate. There is very little odor to the food.

What would the cats think?
Hurry up, hurry up!

Lucy loved it and gobbled it right up.

Since we are integrating Lucy into our household, I thought I would try something with this food. It's important the the cats to associate Lucy with good things, like food or play. I put a bowl on either side of the baby gate and waited. . .. 


Ringo came and ate some food. Benny came up briefly but didn't eat the food. I still consider that a win, because progress is progress, no matter how small.

Overall, two cats ate the food and one did not (Sadie is upset at the household changes right now, so I didn't approach her this time).

Disclaimer: We were sent some food in exchange for an honest review. The opinions here are our own.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! So nice that Ringo wants to be friendly, and even Benny was nosy. Hope Miss Sadie settles down.

I may need to revisit some of the intro advice 3 years on...thought Aerin and Elliot sounded like they were going to kill each other when I was upstairs....only to come down and find them sharing opposite ends of the couch in the sunbeams this morning.

Marg said...

That does sound like good food. Glad some of the cats enjoyed it. Sadie will probably get used to the changes.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Purrs for Sadie.. it can be hard..

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Great review. Most of my cats like the chicken one.

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