Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chewy.com review: Weruva Cats in the Kitchen canned food

Our second review this month is the Cats in the Kitchen variety pack. There are four flavors in this pack, each in big 6-ounce cans: Goldie Lox (chicken, tuna, salmon), Funk in the Trunk (chicken, tuna), The Double Dip (chicken, beef), and Chicken Frick 'A Zee (chicken).

Each flavor has a pate/broth mix with chicken shreds in it. This is the Goldie Lox:

This is the Double Dip:

The ingredient lists for these is quite good--no by products/fillers or anything unusual. No rice, corn or wheat.  Nothing odd, no veggies or fruits. The only odd ingredient we noticed was sunflower seed oil, which seems pretty benign. We appreciate a meat-based food, that given that cats are carnivores.

Three out of four cats ate this food (Ringo being the only holdout). Even picky Benny ate it up.

Lucy was so excited about this food that she sneaked in to eat some of Benny's portion.
I'm busted.
We give this food three paws up (out of four). The texture of it is interesting and it would be a good food to feed a kitten. We know that cats get their "ideas" of what food is as a kitten, so feeding different types of food is important, and this food is one we haven't encountered before. It could also be something you mix in with other foods or use as a topper to entice a picky kitty.

Disclaimer: We received some food in exchange for an honest review. The opinions here are our own.


Eastside Cats said...

We were impressed with the Weruva food that we fed the cats in the past, so it's good to know that they've still got it!

Amy J said...

Impressive sneakiness, Ms. Lucy. :-)

I've used some varieties of Weruva, but the shredded style doesn't always seem to appeal to Cassie (or maybe she misses Aerin's assurance that this is food).

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

My human wishes Binga liked this food! She doesn't like this particular texture, with shreds.

Of course, Boodie and I will eat anything!

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Bear refuses to eat anything with "Weruva" on the can or pouch. I was sure these were different enough from their other foods that Bear would eat them ... but no. More food to donate.

pilch92 said...

Three out of 4 is pretty good :)

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Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Glad your kitties liked it

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