Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the graphic.

Tucker the Shifty-Eyed here. It's about time our people get on board and post a pirate photo. I'm here with my booty, and I'm not sharin' it with ye land lubbers!

Well, we are sorry Tucker isn't sharing his booty, but I suppose being the oldest cat of the group has its benefits. Have a great day, everyone!


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Arr ye be a fine pirate and be stingy w'it ye booty if ye wants!

Pirates of Wildcat Woods

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Hey, Tucker, lookie! Over there!!

The Florida Furkids said...

Hi-ho bucko, ye're a fierce pirates keepin' yer booty safe

The Florida Furkids

Katnip Lounge said...

We're makin' a brief port o'call to MEARRRRRGH back atcha!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Ahoy! Happy pirate day to you!!

Random Felines said...

don't worry Tucker - we don't share so well either :) lookin' good in your pirate gear

Angel and Kirby said...

good pirate!

Team Tabby said...

Yer, welcome to board our ship Tucker, you make a fine pirate!!


Hello from Ringo the Ridiculous

I could only get one photo before he got up (he does that a lot when I get out a camera). He is in the middle of a meow. Hi mom!